Monday, February 8, 2016

Vintage Beauty: Aspirin Mask

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I decided to start with the aspirin mask, because my skin has been hellish, and it seemed quick, cheap and easy.

A few disclaimers:

I was broke out to start with
I have severe cystic acne which usually requires a dermatologist and a shot, and possibly an anti-biotic.
I'm dermatillomanic, so anything in/on my skin makes me crazy.
My skin can take a lot of abuse.

The Supplies

Aspirin (I used BC powder)

The Instructions:

Crush the aspirin if needed
Add water to make a paste (a few drops will suffice)
Apply to skin and leave on as long as needed

The Scale:

Ease of use :

Easy Peasy (5)
I got this (4)
Ok (3)
Ikea level (2)
Rocket Science (1)


Dollar tree (5)
Bargain Bin (4)
I'll budget it in (3)
This better work (2)
I had to take out a loan (1)

How does it feel*:

Spa-some (7)
Ahhhhhmazing (5)
Ok (3)
Gross (2)
OMFG! What did I just do to myself!?!? (1)

Did it work*:

Why did we ever stop doing this?(7)
Golden oldie (5)
Eh (3)
Well, that was a waste of time (2)
Wow. There's a reason no one does this anymore...(1)

*Worth more points due to importance

Over all result:

Will do this again 20-24 points
I'll add it to my arsenal 16-19 points
It'll do in a pinch 13-15 points
Not likely to try it again 8-12 points
No effing way 4-7 points

The Review:

Ease: 5. This was very easy. Since I used BC Powder, I didn't even have to crush the aspirin.
Cost: 5. I paid $1.97 for a whole pack of BC Power
Feel:1 This HURT. Like acid. It burnt so much.
Did it work:1. No. I broke out even more

Shelby helped me out and tried this one out with me. She also thought that it REALLY hurt, and made her break out worse


The ease and cost don't make up for the pain and breakouts. I won't b doing this oe again, and I don't recommend it to anyone else either.

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